From Our Vantage Point

74. The 5 Stages of Financial Wellbeing

Episode Summary

Humanity Financial Management’s President and CEO, Gordon Holley, joins the podcast again, this time to explore the five stages of financial wellbeing. Many not-for-profits are familiar with one or more levels of financial wellbeing and the struggles or benefits that come with them. Learn the difference between each stage and what moving from one to the next looks like in this latest episode, and take control of your financial wellbeing.

Episode Notes


00:00 | Intro 

01:37 | Financial Wellbeing: Stage 1

04:07 | Warning Signs of Stage 1

04:35 | Financial Wellbeing: Stage 2

07:47 | Financial Wellbeing: Stage 3

08:48 | Financial Wellbeing: Stage 4

11:54 | Financial Wellbeing: Stage 5

16:30 | Most Common Barriers to Financial Liberation

19:20 | Outro