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HR Trends: 2023 State of the Sector Report Reveals Common Concerns

Episode Summary

On May 30, 2023, Vantage Point, together with Vancouver Foundation, Victoria Foundation, City of Vancouver, Vancity Community Foundation, and United Way BC, released “Safety Net” the 2023 State of the Non-Profit Sector Report. The report finds that British Columbia’s non-profits continue to be a safety net for communities, providing services and bridging gaps between government and the private sector. But the safety net is under pressure. BC’s non-profits continue to be driven by hopeful future-oriented visions, but human resource concerns remain prominent. While BC’s non-profits are doing more for communities and for their staff by meeting increased service demands and improving working conditions across the sector, during a time of increasing costs and staffing pressures, the SOTS report signals that even optimistic organizations are unable to thrive in the face of constant uncertainty about operational and funding sustainability. Our panel of human resources professionals in our sector, join host Cherie Payne, Director of Sector Development and Government Relations at Vantage Point, to explore the results of the sector report, the human resource concerns within, and what is needed to help these organizations survive.

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2023 State of the Sector Report:


Christoph Cloudius | The Discovery Group
Carol Hall | Victoria Foundation
Lynette Milkashen | YMCA – Northern BC


Cherie Payne | Vantage Point